Preliminary Programme 2019

Preliminary Programme 2019

1°day, Nov. 4th, 14:00-18:40


14:00-18:40 FEEM Presentation, Keynote addresses, discussion

in detail.


Presentation of FEEM

Domenico Siniscalco (President of FEEM scientific committee)


Souths of the World: a conceptual framework

Paolo Perulli

14.40 Keynote addresses: the state of the art

(each presentation will be a short position paper on the topic, to be presented in 10’, followed by a discussant in 10’)

14:40 Migration, Giuseppe Sciortino (Trento), Paola Pasquali (Paris)

15:00 Urbanization, Kala S. Sridhar (Bangalore), Marco Cremaschi (Paris)

15:20 Housing, Margarita Greene (Santiago de Chile), Laura Lieto and Giovanni Laino (Naples)

15:40 Urban Sustainable Development and Environment, Enrique Aliste (Santiago de Chile), LISST (Toulouse) (to be confirmed)

16:00 Inequality and Poverty, George Owusu (Accra), Ashok Saraf (Pune)

16:20 Governance, Alejandro Sethman (Buenos Aires), Olivier Mbabia (Montreal)

16:40 Urban Value Creation, Montserrat P. Eastaway (Barcelona), Wing Shing Tang (Hong Kong)

17:00 coffee break

17:20 Discussion

18:20 Closing remarks

Giulio Sapelli

2° day, Nov. 5th, 10:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00

PLENARY TEMATIC SESSION introduced by selected papergivers

10:00- 11:30 Urban Living Labs in Southern Cities (urban actors, research activities, implementation)

11:30- 13:00 Data (Urban Data Collection, methodologies, sources, tools)

14:00-16:00 Policies (growth, sustainability, community development, planning, etc.)

16:00-18:00 discussion, press briefing.

3° day, Nov. 6th, 10:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00


10:00-13:00 Presentation of the tematic sessions’ results and communication activities (web, media, networks)

14:00-18:00 Calls (European, international) and fundraising

4° day, Nov. 7th, 10:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00


Capstone Projects to be developed at home countries: issues, design, schedule, commitment. Each participant University is expected to present a project concept (20 minutes each). Projects might be commissioned by private or public, local or international organizations; will be based on case-studies, field research, new data base creation, etc. Projects will be conducted by a local team of PhD students and an academic tutor, will last 6 months and will be presented at the next FEEM Spring/ Summer school in Milan.

5° day, Nov. 8th, 10:00-13:00


Presentation of the Capstone Projects to invited stakeholders (e.g. enterprises, consultants, institutions, EU) interested in the Souths of the World Programme.


Press and Media Communication.

November 4th-8th 2019, Milan
Venue: FEEM, corso Magenta 63

Participants Universities:

Accra, Bangalore, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Montreal, Naples, Paris, Pune, Santiago de Chile, Toulouse, Trento, Passau

(1-2 professors from each city+1 PhD student from each city+ external advisors and guests)