Ashok Saraf

Born in 1952 in Nagpur, India, Ashok Saraf was given special direct admission to the Indian Institute of Technology with a scholarship. He graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1973 and was awarded scholarship for further studies in Eindhoven, Netherlands by Philips. After completion of education he returned to India traveling through Europe and Asian countries and since then settled at Pune, India as practicing engineering developer, technical consultant and mentor. He was founding director of the Science and Technology Park at Pune University and has continued to work as member of the board of trustees since 1988. He has been involved in rural development and entrepreneurial development as a result of his passion for social contribution. He has set up educational institutes , an Industrial cooperative society and companies to promote local industrial development. He continues to coordinate an innovative program for rural cluster-based development as a new post internet era paradigm of urban development. He is a firm believer in traditional Indian philosophy of Let Everyone be Happy and the universe is my home, as a vision and mission of life.