Laura Lieto

Laura Lieto PhD is professor of urban planning at Federico II University, Napoli (Italy). She mainly works on critical theory, urban informality and trans-national urbanism. Laura is chair of the Planning Program at Federico II and member of the Doctoral School in Architecture. She is currently working on a EU project on social housing and segregation (HERA JRP – PUSH), and a national project (PRIN) on platform capitalism and sharing economy. Some of her most recent publications are (2019) Lieto L., Planning for the Hybrid Gulf City. In: Molotch H. and Ponzini D. (eds.) The New Arab Urban. New York: New York University Press, and (2019) Lieto L., Plannning and Authenticity. A Materialist and Phronetic Perspective. In: Tate L. and Shannon B. (eds.). Planning for AuthentiCITIES. London-New York: Routledge.