Wing Shing Tang

is currently Adjunct Professor at the Department of Geography and Research Fellow at the Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Geography at McGill University, a MSc(Pl.) at University of Toronto and a PhD at Cambridge. He is currently Associate Editor of City, Culture and Society, Asia Editor and Editorial Board Member of Human Geography: A Radical Journal, Editorial Board Member of Urban Geography, Corresponding Editor of International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Member of the Steering Group of International Critical Geography Group and East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography. His research interest is to comprehend the nature of cities and urban development, especially Chinese cities (including Hong Kong). This is achieved by interrogating Foucault, Lefebvre, Harvey and others by subjecting western discourses on space to urban experiences in other parts of the world. Research outcomes include a modest attempt to challenge Lefebvre’s thesis of complete urbanisation and his argument of urbanising Gramsci’s theories through the experience of Hong Kong and China. The other is a critique of urban China research by coining the double concepts of random conceptual indigenisation and random conceptual appropriation. Recently, he is interested in exploring the applicability of Chinese philosophies to disentangle the ever-lasting debate in Urban Studies about town-country contradictions. In doing so, he has initiated urban comparative projects between urban China and south Asia. Another explorative attempt is to compare urban development in China and in Germany by employing the anchorage point of Maoism rather than all sorts of socio-economic indicators.